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Colossal peaks stretches past the darkened clouds and further into the cosmos. In the leviathans towering shadow the landscape is left black, like the uncertainty of eternity. Only a pulse remains. A barely noticeable but steadily growing sensation, a promise of direction in the fangs of darkness.

Through the dream we escape time, to the brink of infinity where love thrives.”

That’s how Skraeckoedlan describes their new album Sagor.

The album has been recorded in numerous studios with different technicians and producers during a two year period. The band has collaborated with Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, El Caco) and Niklas Berglöf (Ghost) among others.

The artwork has been made by Johan Leion, who also designed the debut album, Äppelträdet.

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Since forming in 2009 Skraeckoedlan has left deep footprints in the Swedish underground scene. The band offers a buffé of heavy fuzz rock, originating in the fat 70’s groove of Black Sabbath, the melodic 90’s choruses of Weezer and Mastodons modern progressive metal. Skraeckoedlan combines this with lyrics that tell tales about cosmic worlds centered around sagas and mythological beings, all sung in their native tongue.

Early on, the quartet established their self as a live act and has with a DIY-attitude created their own opportunities for being seen and heard. The band has shared the stage with Truckfighters, Orange Goblin, Kylesa and other giants of the genre.

”Playing live is incredibly fun. To have an audience with us on our musical journey is a really euphoric and at the same time humbling feeling. Experiencing music live is always special, you never get an exact copy of the record and whatever happens, happens in the moment. It’s a living process that is fantastic to be a part of, be it on or in front of the stage.”

In 2011 the debut album Äppelträdet was released. Made in Studio Bombshelter, where Truckfighters usually reside, Mr. Ozo himself took on the job of recording and producing the album. Mr. Dango also left his contribution and can be heard playing on the title track.

Skraeckoedlan is currently ready to release their follow up, titled Sagor. It’s been recorded in multiple studios during a two year period and features collaborations with several technicians and producers such as Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah) and Niklas Berglöf (Ghost). Erik Berglund has done all the mixing and been an integral part in finding the sound of the album.

”The work with Sagor was different compared to our earlier productions. Instead of doing it all at once in a short period of time, this became a longer process that was continuously added on to as time went by. The collaborations with all the different people and studios kept our motivation high and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

When working with Sagor, Skraeckodlan got in contact with Anders Fridén (In Flames) and his record label Razzia Notes, who will release the record.

”Signing with Razzia feels incredible. Anders creative input has been really important and we feel that the record is getting the representation it deserves.”

Skraeckoedlan is now looking forward to continue to ride the riff and to conquer new parts of the cosmos.

  • Robert Lamu


  • Henrik Grüttner


  • Tim Ångström


  • Martin Larsson